Drinking Water Purification: Water So Bad, Customer’s Employees Almost Left

Mirex AquaPure Solutions
Houston, TX
Charles Hollis, President

The worst situation Charles Hollis ever encountered was at a company called Flexicore of Texas, a manufacturer of pre-stressed concrete structures used for highway overpasses by the state of Texas.

Flexicore got all of its water from three wells and had terrible problems with the water, which had high concentrations of sulfur, iron and coliform bacteria. The customer had chlorinators on the wells, and the water was being treated constantly with additives.

The wells were always in danger of being shut down by the state if the company didn't add certain chemicals to the wells. But when the chemicals were added, the water wasn't fit for drinking and Flexicore's employees were threatening to walk. The company, which employs 200, was forced to use bottled water throughout its facility.

Mirex AquaPure Solutions was called in, and Hollis and his staff decided that installing point-of-use drinking water purification/cooler systems was needed. Sixteen systems, made by HydraQuest UV, were installed, each with sediment filtration, pre-treatment carbon, reverse osmosis, post-treatment carbon, and ultraviolet disinfection. Test samples have passed, and no new chemicals have had to be added to the well water since the units were installed. But, more importantly, the employees were happy and stuck around.

- Debra Gorgos

Original Article: Water Technology Magazine - Volume 30 - Number 5 - May 2007

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