States Across America Found Failing to Meet Minimum Requirements of Federal Clean Water Act

News has been spreading lately of many different states across America with clean water programs and water treatment facilities that are not meeting the minimum requirements of the federal Clean Water Act.

With traces of dangerous and unhealthy substances, even including drug and arsenic traces being found in the water supplies across the U.S., it is becoming increasingly evident that action must be taken on the part of individuals in families and businesses to ensure that safe drinking water is supplied.

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Water Treatment Facilities: Sewage Water Process

Water treatment facilities must meet minimum federal requirements such as those regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in order to ensure that the American public is provided with clean drinking water that is free from pollutants and unsavory traces of leftover foods, drugs and poisons.

Actual sewage water is processed through the water treatment facilities and when these facilities do not utilize adequate purification processes, the Nation’s drinking water is contaminated.

A recently published news article described yet another state with clean water issues. Alabama environmental organizations have recently been petitioning the EPA regarding the pollution in Alabama’s water supply.

They are requesting that the state of Alabama lose its authority over the water pollution permitting program, stating that it does not meet the minimum requirements of the federal Clean Water Act.

This Alabama issue is one in a long line of recently publicized issues regarding water contamination.

Clean Drinking Water Requires Water Purification System

Following the news stories and EPA announcements regarding clean water in America these days makes it very clear that the time has not yet come where we can be certain that our drinking water is free of toxins that should not be ingested.

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The pure water systems we provide do not include the bottled water containers that often create on-the-job injuries for employees required to lift and replace water bottles.

The water purification systems delivered by Mirex AquaPure Solutions are actually safer not only because of the lack of back injury risk, but also from the advanced purification system technology itself.

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