PHSI Pure Water Solution

PHSI pure water solutions are delivered by the Houston water purification company that has been setting the standard in service since 1981. Call Mirex AquaPure Solutions today at (713) 682-3000 for outstanding service you can rely upon.

Mirex helps businesses all across the Houston, TX area to reduce the risk of injury or illness for their employees by providing pure water solutions without the hassle involved in dealing with bottled water.

Our pure water solutions are also one of the very few ways that you can ensure that your drinking water is safe and without contamination.

Water Purification Company – State of the Art Technology

PHSI pure water solutions use a patented process and provide the top-level state of the art technology in water purification.

Mirex AquaPure Solutions provide the highest quality reverse osmosis water coolers on the market today.

The PHSI water dispenser systems provide both cold and hot water faucets to accommodate all of your drinking water needs.

Both organic and inorganic contamination is eliminated and continuous water purification performance is ensured.

At Mirex AquaPure Solutions we provide self-sanitizing water coolers that deliver the cleanest water possible without the dangers of physical harm that come with lifting and moving heavy bottled water. Bottled water is not always purified as it should be, but with the PHSI pure water solution, you can rest assured that you and your employees are not ingesting any harmful bacterium.

Houston Water Purification Company

Contact the Houston water purification experts at Mirex AquaPure Solutions to receive only the best customer service and top-quality water purification systems on the market.

Pure oxygenated drinking water is the result when you use a PHSI pure water solution system from Mirex AquaPure Solutions.

Two examples of the PHSI systems we provide are:

By clicking on the links in this article, you will be able to view in-depth details regarding our PHSI water purification systems and learn more about the company that Houston businesses have come to know and trust.

Call (713) 682-3000 to receive the quality service you deserve and the purified drinking water to keep you and your employees safe on a daily basis.

Experience the benefits of state of the art water purification technology and feel confident that you are making a difference for the environment by reducing the amount of water bottle waste filling the landfills, by calling one of our friendly purified water experts today!

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PHSI Pure Water Solution