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Better than Bottled Water

Hydraquest UV Chiller

Using bottled water coolers instead of a UV water purifier to produce drinking water for your office could be risking the health of your employees. In addition to the risk of back injuries when employees lift and store the heavy bottles, there is a real health risk for any employees or customers who drink from the water coolers if the coolers are not properly sanitized on a regular basis. The Innowave UV Chiller automatically refills and is self sanitizing for a virtually endless supply of pure H2O. The drinking water cooler eliminates labor costs associated with bottle usage, and the UV water purifier is maintained by your Innowave Dealer so you always know your drinking water cooler system is providing the best drinking water available. This UV water purifier technology has proven itself better than bottled water, reverse osmosis, and simple carbon filtration.

UV Water Purifier is Tested & Certified

Standard 42 & 55 Certified for the reduction of Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Copper, Fluoride, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Selenium, TDS and Trivalent Chromium. The UV water purifier exceeds the US EPA Microbiological Water Purifier Standard for the reduction of 99.9% of viruses, and 99.9999% of bacteria.

The innowave uvf® Drinking Water Cooler - Advanced Filtration and UV Technology

The innowave uvf® drinking water cooler combines both micron and carbon filtration with ultra violet light to produce high quality drinking water. Not only does this UV water purifier produce high quality drinking water, it also has one of the largest cold water capacities of any water cooler system on the market. This system is also loaded with features. The innowave uvf® features drip tray overflow protection, LED temperature displays, and an Automatic Purity Monitoring System (APMS) that prevents water from being dispensed if the UV light is not activated.


Innowave Technology


Height: 45"
Width: 15"
Depth: 14"
Cold Water Temp: 37° - 54°
Water Connection: 1/4" Tubing
Weight: 60 lbs.
Electrical Supply: 120V / 60HZ - dedicated line w/ 2 outlets
Water Bottles can cause injuries.