Water Coolers in Houston: Water Cooler Dispensers Produce Pure Drinking Water

The HydraQuest UV & Innowave Pure Water Systems are new technology drinking water systems that have been introduced to Texas by MIREX AQUAPURE SOLUTIONS, a company offering water coolers in Houston and nationwide. The HydraQuest UV & Innowave Pure Water Systems provide pure water through water cooler dispensers for your employees’ wellness without risking possible back injuries from picking up bottled water. With our water purification systems, this will never be a problem.

With typical bottled water coolers we find that they are seldom sanitized. The International Bottled Water Association states that if you want to provide safe drinking water to your employees, the cooler has to be sanitized at least every six months to prevent potential risk of microbiological contamination within the current water coolers. If the cooler's are not sanitized bacteria and slime begin to form inside the coolers which results in water that is not healthy for employees to drink. At least four sets of bare hands have been around the neck of the bottles that end up in your water holding tank. Who in your office is sanitizing the neck of the bottles before putting it in the cooler?

The HydraQuest UV & Innowave water cooler dispensers are the highest rated point of use drinking water systems available anywhere. They are certified and were awarded Gold Seal Awards.

To learn more about water coolers in Houston, or anywhere in the US, contact MIREX AQUAPURE SOLUTIONS.

Water Bottles can cause injuries.