Radiation in Houston's Drinking Water

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A federal report shows that radiation in Houston’s drinking water is much more widespread than city leaders had previously revealed to the public. The report, issued by the United States Geological Survey - a part of the U.S. Department of the Interior - reveals that radiation is present in nearly every Houston groundwater well that was tested.

Houston is one of the only major cities in Texas with radioactive elements, like uranium and radium, present in its drinking water, according to data provided by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. These elements, which emit particles known as alpha radiation, are not present in detectable amounts in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or many other major cities in Texas – which rely on surface water for most of their drinking water.

What's so bad about alpha radiation? Alpha radiation is a class "A" carcinogen. The alpha particles are highly energized and when they strike the DNA within human cells the damage can result in cell mutation that can lead to cancer and birth defects.

The safe level for alpha particles in drinking water, according to the EPA, is "zero".

Houston gets it ground water by drilling into aquifers that lie beneath the ground. These aquifers are surrounded by naturally occurring radioactive contaminants like uranium and radium. These radioactive contaminants are not removed by current Houston water treatment procedures because the city has declined to install the filters that could remove the contaminants.

The city's solution? Reduce the radiation levels by mixing the contaminated groundwater with non-radioactive surface water. You'll notice we didn't use the uncontaminated to describe the surface water - it's not radioactive, but it definitely isn’t uncontaminated!

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Read Full Article from Channel 11 News