Illegal Drugs, Hormones, Food Flavorings and Spices Discovered in Drinking Water

Illegal drugs, hormones, food flavorings and spices discovered in drinking water. Are you safe from these contaminates? To be certain that you are, call (713) 682-3000 and speak with the professionals at Mirex AquaPure Solutions.

A team of researchers from the Sound Citizen Program, which is associated with the University of Washington in the U.S., has discovered traces of cooking flavorings and spices in the Puget Sound.

The Puget Sound is near Tacoma, Washington and makes up the inland marine waterways in the northwestern part of Washington, United States. The Puget Sound is the state’s regional water supply.

Unpleasant news indeed for people still drinking tap water or trusting bottled water plants that have proven issues regarding the total purification of drinking water.

According to the NRDC, (National Resources Defense Council) bottled water is not always safer than drinking tap water. The NRDC conducted a four-year bottled water industry review and found that not only is a large percentage of bottled water not any safer than tap water, but 25% of bottled water companies are actually simply bottling and selling straight tap water without any further treatment.

They also stated that when drinking this contaminated water over a long period of times, health problems may develop.

The Director of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Cynthia Dougherty is quoted as saying "What you really want is to not ever have things you're concerned about in drinking water in the first place."

Certainly we can all agree with that statement, which is a very good reason to call the professionals at Mirex AquaPure Solutions who have the answer you need to ensure that you, your family and your employees are drinking water that is actually safe and pure.

Drinking Water around the World is Contaminated

Listed among the substances that are discovered in water around the world:
  • Heroin
  • Rocket Fuel
  • Cocaine
  • Vanilla
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Birth Control
  • Cinnamon
  • Estrogen
  • Caramel
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Marijuana
  • Ecstasy
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs

Ironically, trace amounts of varying spices are increased during holiday seasons.

Our drinking water comes through a very circular process. Water and the substances it contains are flushed down toilets and then travels to a sewage treatment facility. Here they attempt to clean the water, but do not manage to remove 100% of all substances contained in that sewage water.

Residues remaining in the treated sewage waters flow back into U.S. waterways.

The team researching the water quality of the Puget Sound discovered about six milligrams of artificial vanilla flavoring per liter in the samples of water that they tested.

Found in the regions with the direct sewage runoff were 14 milligrams of artificial vanilla flavoring per liter. This would equate to dumping 10 four-ounce bottles of artificial vanilla flavoring into an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

If this is the case in the highly monitored waters of Washington State, what must it be like elsewhere? Call Mirex AquaPure Solutions to ensure that your drinking water is safe through our advanced water purifying technology that eliminates the need for drinking tap water or bottled water.

Illegal Drugs in Drinking Water

Are you taking illegal drugs, but don’t even know it?

Research has shown that after an individual takes illegal drugs, traces of those drugs are released through their urine and feces. There is such solid evidence to support this fact that drug tests for employment termination are based upon these types of samples.

Drug byproducts are often not completely removed during the sewage treatment process. Wastewater that is tainted with both illegal and pharmaceutical drugs enters groundwater and surface water, which is the primary drinking water source for most people.

In some of Europe’s very populated areas, drinking water or surface water drug problems have become widespread.

In 2008, Scientists found that 22 out of 24 samples of drinking water at a Spanish water treatment plant were tainted with cocaine. This even after what was labeled as rigorous filtering and treatment.

In many U.S. waterways, traces of both illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals have been discovered. The EPA regularly performs studies and finds more chemicals that are potentially in need of regulation in our water supply.

The Environmental Protection Agency encourages citizens to become more educated regarding the source of their drinking water and thereby enable themselves to be more actively involved in dealing with these drinking water supply issues.

Meanwhile, you can ensure the safety of your drinking water by calling (713) 682-3000 to speak with the experts at the Mirex AquaPure Solutions to learn more about protecting yourself from the ingestion of trace amounts of illegal drugs, hormones, other people's food flavorings and spices that have been discovered in drinking water.

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