Houston Countertop Uv Water Purifier

HydraQuest UV Counter-top

A Complete 5-Stage Water Purification System
(Hot & Cold)

Outstanding Performance

Hydraquest UV HRO-250 Counter-Top

Counter Top Water Dispenser with 5 Stage Water Filtration and Purification Process: Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Reverse Osmosis, Post-Carbon and in the last stage (UV Water Treatment) the water flows through a stainless steel cylinder with Ultra-Violet Light in the center of it to kill and eliminate any micro-organisms, parasites, viruses, bio-film or bacteria that are too small to be filtered. The Result: Safe Pure Water!

This countertop bottleless water cooler can produce a high volume of purified water daily with no interruptions. The cold is COLD and
can be adjusted. The hot is HOT!

Counter Top Water Dispenser with Improved Reliability

Simple reliable spigot dispensing, no confusing spigots or buttons. Spigots are easily accessible with one hand push in dispensing. Spigots are designed so you can easily refill sports bottles.

Child Proof Hot-Tap is installed so someone could not access the Hot water accidentally.

Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler Manufacturers Pure Water On-Site!

No bottles to deal with!
No Back Injuries from lifting Heavy bottles!
No Bio-film / Slime in the cooler, Self-Sanitizing System Using Ultra-Violet Light to Disinfect the water!

Water Bottles can cause injuries.