HydraQuest UV 100-HUF

A Complete 5-Stage Water PurificationSystem (Hot & Cold)

Outstanding Performance

hydra 100 huf

Pure Water Dispenser with 5 Stage Filtration and UV Water Purification Process: Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Micro-Membrane Technology, Post Carbon and in the last stage the water flows through a stainless-steel cylinder with Ultra-Violet Light in the center of it to kill and eliminate any micro-organisms, parasites, viruses, bio-film> or bacteria that are too small to be filtered. The result: Safe Pure Water!

This UV water purification system can produce a high volume of purified water daily with no interruptions. The cold water supply is significantly larger than a bottled water cooler. The cold recovery rate is far better than a bottled water cooler. There is also a larger hot water supply in comparison to a bottled water cooler.

Pure Water Dispenser with Improved Reliability

This pure water dispenser and UV water purification system includes a simple reliable spigot dispensing, no confusing spigots or buttons. Spigots are high so there is no need for bending over to fill your glass or cup. Spigots are designed so you can easily refill sports bottles. Child Proof Hot-Spigot so someone could not access hot water accidentally.

Water Purification System Manufacturers Pure Water On-Site!

No bottles to deal with!
No Back Injuries from lifting Heavy bottles!
No Bio-film / Slime in the cooler, Self-Sanitizing System Using Ultra-Violet Light to Disinfect the water!

Reverse Osmosis

HRO-250 Description:
Hot &Cold (Hot water
safety spigot)

Electrical Rating:
100-127V 50/60Hz

Inches - 13.5 x 17.5
x 49.25

Dimension (WxDxH):
MM - 343 x 444 x 1250

Reservoir Capacity:
6.6 gallons (25 liters)

Hot Tank Capacity:
0.8 gallons (3 liters)

Cold Tank Capacity:
1.3 gallons (5 liters)

75 GPD (284 LPD)
R/O membrane with
booster pump

74 lbs (34 kg)

Filtration Stages

  1. Sediment Pre-Filter:
    Removes suspended particles from the water by trapping them in the filter. The size of the particles retain by the filter depends on the micron rating of the filter. For example, a 5-micron filter will usually remove 90% of all particles larger than 5 microns.

  2. Carbon Pre-Filter:
    Removes chlorine and organic chemicals from the water. This prevents the chlorine present in tap water from damaging other components in the water treatment system. It also improves the taste of the water and removes odors.

  3. Membrane:
    Removes bacteria, viruses and minute particles by trapping them in the filter. Ultrafilters do not remove dissolved minerals and salts, but they do remove most other contaminants.

  4. Post Carbon:
    Removes taste, odor and organics that may have contaminated the water after the membrane.

  5. Ultraviolet (UV) Process:
    Destroys the reproductive capabilities of bacteria and viruses by exposing them to ultraviolet radiation. When water is treated properly with UV light, it is often considered germ free.
Water Bottles can cause injuries.