Hoshizaki Shaved Ice Machines

Hoshizaki Shaved Ice Machines Houston

For soft, light, chewable ice, one should invest in a flaker ice machine. These Hoshizaki systems produce shaved ice that is ideal for Houston healthcare facilities and food display operations.

The sleek stainless steel exterior, solid anti-magnetic stainless steel auger, and greaseless graphite sleeve bearings make these shaved ice makers attractive as well as durable. Sealed gear housing also prevents premature rusting. These units have fewer moving parts than conventional flakers, making them less prone to malfunctions. Furthermore, systems automatically rinse themselves every 12 hours through the CleanCycle Design, ensuring that your ice is clean and safe.

Please browse through our selection of commercial Houston ice machines and shaved ice makers listed below.

Model Series Ice Production
F-300BAJ Up to 355 lbs/24 hours
F-330BAJ Up to 332 lbs/24 hours
F-500BAJ Up to 536 lbs/24 hours
Model Series Ice Production
F-450MAJ Up to 492 lbs/24 hours
F-801M_J Up to 751 lbs/24 hours
F-1002M_J Up to 980 lbs/24 hours
F-1501M_J Up to 1705 lbs/24 hours
F-2001M_J Up to 2098 lbs/24 hours

For more information regarding our flaker units and Houston ice machines, please call (713) 682-3000 or contact us online.

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