Hoshizaki Ice Storage Bins

Hoshizaki Ice Storage Bins in Houston

Plenty of ice storage on hand is necessary for Houston’s industries. Mirex AquaPure Solutions carries a line of top-quality ice storage bins from Hoshizaki. Units can store anywhere between 250 to 1605 lbs. of ice, allowing you to select the bin that best suits your needs.

Systems are well insulated and lined with polyethylene to keep your ice frozen and your bin sanitary. Stackable units are available.

Please click on the models below for more information.

Model Series Ice Storage
B-250PF 250 lbs
B-300SF 300 lbs
BD-300SF 300 lbs
B-500SF 500 lbs
BD-500SF 500 lbs
B-700SF 700 lbs
B-800SF 800 lbs
B-900SF 900 lbs
B-1150SS 1150 lbs
B-1300SS 1300 lbs
B-1500SS 1500 lbs
B-1650SS 1650 lbs
Model Series Ice Storage
HCD-500B 500 lbs
HCD-1000B 1000 lbs

Calll Mirex at (713) 682-3000 or contact us online to request a quote or with any questions regarding our Houston storage ice bins.

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