Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Mirex Aquapure Solutions offers a wide variety of Hoshizaki ice machines at affordable prices with the use of Mirex rental plans, including the popular C-100, DCM-270OS, DCM-300OS, DCM-500OS and DCM-750OS series of ice cubelet machines as well as under-counter cubers up to ice machines that can produce up to 4848 lbs. of ice per day.

Hoshizaki is the world's largest manufacturers of commercial ice makers and ice machines. Their ice machines are extremely popular because of their high quality construction and easy and efficient operation. Every ice machine they produce undergoes a series of rigorous performance tests before it leaves the factory, insuring the consumer gets a top quality product that performs to spec. and last for years.

Hoshizaki ice cubelet makers produce clean, premium quality cublet ice that's easy to chew. They dispense pure ice and water separately, giving you the option of being able to serve ice, water or a combination of both. They're easy to operate, with LED remote sensor for hands free no contamination operation, while the self contained, CleanCycle 12 Design and Hoshi-Guard plus antimicrobial agent maintain a high level of sanitation to prevent contamination. Hoshizaki's stringent manufacturing standards insure that their ice makers have a long operational life requiring less maintenance and repair. Each Hoshizaki ice machine comes with a full Hoshizaki factory warranty.

Hoshizaki ice machines are ideal for use in businesses, healthcare, hospitals, factories, schools & restaurants.

Dedicated to providing its customers with the cleanest drinking water and ice possible, Mirex AquaPure Solutions offers a wide range of water purification equipment and commercial ice machines from top manufacturers at competitive prices. Give them a call today at (713) 682-3000 to find out how your home and office can enjoy the benefits of a Hoshizaki ice cubelet machine or one of the many other commercial ice makers and water purification systems available from Mirex AquaPure Solutions.

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