Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice Machines

Hoshizaki Cubelet Houston Ice Machines

Have Sonic's nugget ice on hand all the time with one of our cubelet ice makers. These Hoshizaki ice machines hook up directly to your building's water source to produce soft, chewable cubelet ice. As a leading provider of Houston ice machines, we can help you select the most affordbale unit for your needs.

All of these units have a stainless steel exterior and freezing cylinder, making them sleek as well as durable. These Sonic ice makers are equipped with a CleanCycle12 design, so that they automatically clean themselves every 12 hours. Moreover, the greaseless bearing design also reduces maintenance and increases the longevity of your ice maker.

Whether you are looking for a small Houston ice machine or a large ice dispenser for commercial use, the Mirex team can help you select the right machine for your needs. Please call (713) 682-3000 for more information regarding one of our machines.

Cubelet Dispenser
Model Series Ice Production
DCM-270BAH Up to 288 lbs/24 hours
DCM-270BAH-OS Up to 288 lbs/24 hours
DCM-300B_H Up to 321 lbs/24 hours
DCM-300B_H-OS Up to 321 lbs/24 hours
DCM-500B_H Up to 618 lbs/24 hours
DCM-500B_H-OS Up to 618 lbs/24 hours
DCM-751B_H Up to 801 lbs/24 hours
DCM-751B_H-OS Up to 801 lbs/24 hours
Model Series Ice Production
C-80BAJ Up to 80 lbs/24 hours
C-80BAJ-DS Up to 80 lbs/24 hours
C-80BAJ-AD Up to 80 lbs/24 hours
C-80BAJ-ADDS Up to 80 lbs/24 hours
F-330BAJ Up to 320 lbs/24 hours
Model Series Ice Production
F-450MAJ-C Up to 412 lbs/24 hours
F-801M_J-C Up to 690 lbs/24 hours
F-1002M_J-C Up to 890 lbs/24 hours
F-1501M_J-C Up to 1327 lbs/24 hours
F-2001M_J-C Up to 1832 lbs/24 hours

For more information regarding Mirex's Houston ice machines and pricing for our Sonic Ice Makers, please call (713) 682-3000 or contact us online.

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