Houston Drinking Water Systems Dealer FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Houston drinking water systems and service are answered below:

Are you members of the Houston Better Business Bureau?
Yes we are members in good standing and we have never had a complaint. We have been given the “Outstanding Award of Distinction” by the BBB for the last thirteen consecutive years for outstanding service to our customers.

How do you hook up the plumbing to the machine?
We run a 1/4 inch polyethylene food grade line to the system from the nearest tap water source. The tubing is about the size of computer cable. We run the tubing across dropped ceilings and down walls just like you would run cable for a computer or cable TV. In some cases we have runs hundreds of feet long, so getting water to the system in most cases is not a problem. Our installations are professionally complete and we leave the site clean and neat. Our normal installation will take 20 to 45 minutes.

How often do the machines need to be serviced?

This depends on the tap water quality at your location and the volume of the machine. We will check the purity level of the tap water when the system is installed to determine the service intervals we need to se up in our service computer system. The systems will need a PM every 6 to 13 months depending on the volume of the machine and the incoming water conditions. You don’t have to call us, we will service the system on a predetermined PM schedule based on your specific location.

What is your Service Response Time if we call?
You can expect 3 to 5 hour service response time from the time of your call. If you call early am in most cases we will be able to take care of any issue the same day. If we can’t promptly take care of the problem we will switch the system out with another system at no cost to you.

Can we order systems from you here in Houston and have you install them and service them in other cities across the country?
Yes, we have a significant number of Water Dealers in the National Water Dealers Association that we work with that can install and service our systems in most cities across the US. The order would be signed here and billed to the location you desire.

If we ordered multiple machines will each location receive there own invoice?
We can do that however you desire, either summary bill all locations or individually bill each.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we have the ability to bill your monthly rental to a credit card.

Do you handle any other products besides Pure Water Systems?
Yes, we have a line of Keurig and AquaBrew coffee systems as well as Ice Machines of all sizes and shapes.

Will all the systems make an unlimited amount of pure water?
No, when producing pure water it’s not like turning on the tap. Pure water takes longer to produce so it’s important to know your volume so we can match the right machine to the volume you need. We have different systems that produce different capacities. One customer may be using 5 bottles per month per cooler and another may be using 35 bottles per month per cooler. We would recommend two separate systems, one a high volume system and one a low volume system. The high volume systems have a booster pump inside to drive more water through the purification process. The high volume systems also have larger storage reservoirs to handle the high volume.

If your questions were not answered in the FAQ or you would like additional information about our Houston drinking water systems, contact MIREX AQUAPURE SOLUTIONS.