Commercial Drinking Water Cooler System in Houston

A distilled water maker produces water that has been refined through the process of distillation, and this water has very low levels of electrical conductivity and dissolved solids. This process involves boiling the water and then condensing that steam into a clean container, which leaves most of the solid contaminants behind. Many people use this water as their drinking water system since it creates very pure water. The only task they may have to remember is to regularly clean the distilled water makers, since the process can leave a mineral scale on the apparatus.

Besides drinking water systems, distilled water has a number of other uses. This type of water is used inside and outside of the home, domestically and non-domestically due to its purity. Distilled water is used for cooking (particularly for low-sodium diets), making baby food, feeding pets and plants and for filling aquariums. Some users also prefer distilled water for steam irons and for vehicle radiators.

In other environments, distilled water makers are used to create safe water that can be used in chemical plants that need an exact quality of water. These plants may be manufacturing wet cell batteries, camera film, intravenous saline solutions and contact lens storage solutions. For example, in developing film, users need to wash the film’s coat in order to clean it of sensitive chemicals. Using distilled water means that nothing is left on the film prior to developing it as a negative. Many hospitals use distilled water for wound washing during surgery. This cleanliness is important because internal organs are exposed during surgery, and it is of utmost importance to keep the area clean so that nothing foreign penetrates the wound. A distilled water maker produces clean water that is free of contaminants, so it is the safest way to clean these wounds during surgery.

While all of these uses for distilled water are beneficial, for most residential customers, their primary purpose for having this fresh water is to have it to drink. A drinking water system that offers clean, distilled water means that users do not have to be concerned about the contaminants left in their city’s water system, and they can enjoy a glass of water, fill baby bottles of formula, and maintain their aquariums with confidence that they are not experiencing any unwanted substances. Mirex Aquapure Solutions can provide your home or business with the absolute best in pure drinking water, such as a distilled water maker. Call us today at 713-682-3000 for information about our product and services.

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