Bottleless Water Coolers Better for the Environment & Prevention of Disease

Mirex Aquapure Water Systems Offers Solution for Houston Offices

Houston, Texas (Marketwire) July 29, 2009 – Americans love their plastic bottled water; they take them to the office, to school and to the gym. While from an ecological standpoint, many individuals are impressed with the benefits of water filtration systems which eliminate the need for plastic bottles. Millions of tons of plastic go into landfills every day from the bottled water companies taking a 1000 years to bio-degrade. With bottleless water coolers that are self-sanitizing you can simply use a refillable container and eliminate any need for plastic bottles.

Others are taking heed of the safety issues associated with plastic.

Studies have uncovered the dangers of dioxins, which are highly poisonous, emanating from frozen plastic bottles. Heat is another factor with water bottles left in the car and then being drank leading to breast cancer as pointed out by Cheryl Crow’s campaign.

Furthermore, researchers have found contaminants in multiple brands of bottled water, prompting bottled water companies to evaluate the processing of their plants and the EPA calling for more detailed labeling.

For individuals concerned about these important issues, there is a solution. Mirex AquaPure Solutions has unveiled a new technology for water purity and safety. The HydraQuest UV Pure Water Systems are new technology drinking water systems that provide Pure Water and has been introduced to the USA through Texas.

Safe water in the office environment is a high priority for Mirex. They acknowledge the research by the International Bottled Water Association citing the need to sanitize water coolers at least every six months to prevent potential risk of microbiological contamination. The HydraQuest UV Pure Water Systems are self sanitizing, which eliminates all bacteria and bio-film from forming in the drinking water reservoir. There are no bottles to lift and store, which is not only safer, but more economic for offices and homeowners.

“We feel that we have a solution for companies concerned about the health of their employees as well as preserving the environment,” said company president Charlie Hollis. “The quality of our water systems and our service will be a timely addition to any office environment.”

 About Mirex AquaPure Solutions
Mirex AquaPure Solutions was founded in December 1999 as a Drinking Water Technology Company. The company built a reputation of a professional organization with an unsurpassed level of customer service winning the Outstanding Awards of Excellence from the Greater Houston, Texas Better Business Bureau for thirteen consecutive years. Currently, the company finds customers using bottled water & replaces the bottled water with pure water self sanitizing systems producing pure water on-site. The company product line also includes a full array of ice machines and a complete line of coffee systems for any size office.

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