Water for Your Workplace

Countless of studies have been made examining the effects of hydration and dehydration on both the mind and the body. One key point that keeps popping up is the importance of regular water intake throughout the day. These studies also point out that your daily water consumption can have a direct impact on your physical and mental performance – while also affecting your mood. A hydrated body and brain is a more efficient unit than a body on the brink of dehydration. Unfortunately, we often underestimate the importance of the presence of clean, drinking water for your workplace – where performance is vital. At Mirex, we believe that easy access to fresh, clean, purified water in Houston offices throughout the day is a surefire way to make your staff hydrated while they perform their office duties – keeping them focused and productive even during the infamous afternoon slump.

For business owners, this makes investing in an office water cooler essential to keep your employees hydrated. The simple addition of a water cooler to your Houston office can help employees stay focused  and productive throughout the day.

We lose water from our bodies through urination, evaporation from our lungs and skin, sweat, and other variety of ways. Environmental factors also contribute to how much water we lose. Our bodies only perform to its optimal capacity if we restore the water balance. Drinking water regularly allows employees to concentrate longer and ultimately work better.

When your workforce is healthy and happy, that translates into an increased level of productivity. Invest in a Houston purified water machine today. Call us at 713-682-3000 for more information on our water and ice machines in Houston for your office. Keep business local and rent your Houston purified water and ice system from Mirex today.