The Customer Service Advantage with Mirex AquaPure Solutions

As a top provider of Houston purified water and ice dispensers, Mirex AquaPure Solutions has earned accolades over the years for

Treat your employees to a Houston purified water machine.

not only their quality products, but also their commitment to customer service. In fact, the Better Business Bureau has awarded Mirex the “Award of Distinction” every year for the last ten years, an honor that only goes to businesses that display outstanding dedication to their clients and customers. A purified water system from Mirex ensures that your employees and office personnel benefit from drinking clean, fresh water, and that you will never have to worry about the machine breaking down, needing maintenance, etc.

Preventative Maintenance Visits

Mirex offers a convenient rental program on all purified water and ice machines, with simplified billing options. When you rent an office water machine from Mirex, you also get to take advantage of the preventative maintenance visits, which ensure that your machine is always running smoothly. These visits happen about every six to thirteen months, depending on the volume of the machine as well as the conditions of the incoming water. If your machine does happen to experience an issue, Mirex features an unparalleled service response time to calls, usually three to five hours. If for some reason the purified water system cannot be fixed promptly, the machine will be switched out for another model at no cost to you.

Upgrade Your Machine

If your business experiences a rush of growth, and you hire more employees, the water consumption in your office will naturally increase. Rather than dealing with a troublesome Houston bottled water dispenser, simply upgrade your Mirex purified water system to a larger model. When you rent a machine from Mirex, you are able to upgrade at any time, making it easier on yourself as well as your employees!

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