Spring Cleaning: Reduce Clutter with a Bottleless Water Dispenser

We’ve all seen them — the empty shells of a once full, giant bottle of water sitting in the dark corner of the break room. This spring cleaning season, make sure to throw away those empty bottles and reduce  the clutter in your office for good by switching over to a bottleless water dispenser. It’ll not only save you space and time, but also prevent employee injuries.

Clutter-Free Solutions

spring-cleaning_bottleless water dispenserKeeping the break room neat can be a challenge, particularly if you are short on space to begin with. Our line of ice and water machines are tall and slender, allowing them to fit virtually in any corner. In addition to our standing units, we also carry a wide selection of counter-top and under-the-counter water purification systems. The compact units can be stowed in a cabinet, placed on a counter, or set in a shelf, providing you with pure water in any location.

The most obvious advantage to our water systems is that they do not require pesky bottle replacements. Since our bottleless water purification systems hook up directly to your water source, you will never have to worry about storing extra bottles of water or recycling old bottles of water ever again.

Time Saver

Start planning what you will do with your extra time, because you will have a lot of it if you switch over to a bottleless water system. You will never need to order another bottle of water or go through the hassle of replacing the empty bottle with the extremely heavy bottle ever again.

In fact, you do not have to worry about cleaning your water system either. Not only are most of our systems self-cleaning, but we also perform regular maintenance service to ensure that our systems are running smoothly and that there is not contaminant build-up.

Avoid Injuries

Did you know injuries related to replacing bottled water is one of the most common worker’s compensation claims? We eliminate the risk for injury by removing the source of the problem – heavy water bottles. Moreover, since there are no empty water bottles, there is no way anyone can trip on the empties later on, once again reducing risk for injury.

Start spring out on the right foot by getting rid of the mess and investing in a bottlewater dispenser. Contact Mirex Aquapure Solutions to find out more about how our systems can benefit your workplace atmosphere.