Resolve to Drink Pure Houston Water from Mirex

While many New Year’s resolutions are hard to stick with, the universal goal of living healthier is now easier than ever, thanks to the purified water machines offered by Mirex Aquapure Solutions. Providing the purest water in Houston, installing an office water machine from Mirex allows you as well as your employees, to stay on the path of healthy living.

Easy Options for Every Office

With many different machine sizes and models to choose from, Mirex also offers a convenient rental system that allows you to upgrade at any time. Plus, we are unparalleled in customer service, with a 3-5 hour response time to any service call placed on a machine. If we can’t fix the problem promptly, we will switch out the machine, at no cost to you.

Increase Productivity

Employees will be treated to purified water and ice on the spot, without the hassle of dealing with bottle delivery and cleaning out the water cooler. Mirex machines are self-sanitizing, and no bottles to deal with means saving valuable floor space. This increases employee productivity as well, no setting aside time to prop open doors for delivery drivers, and no more potential workman’s comp claims stemming from heavy bottles. In addition, you can rest easy knowing you cut down on bottled water clutter. Mirex purified water machines are the environmentally friendly solution.


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