Renting is Ideal for Mirex’s Houston Purified Water and Ice Systems

With more and more doctors and health professionals extolling the importance of healthy drinking water, it is time for Houstonunnamed 2 offices everywhere to get a jump start on the health and productivity of its employees. Plus, with the rentable systems provided by Mirex Aquapure Solutions, business owners can count on regular maintenance for their ice and water machines. There are several definite advantages to renting the machine, rather than buying it outright.

Full-Service Fix or Replace Warranty

Mirex is a trusted name in Houston purified water, with countless customer raves and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our success is due to customer commitment and quality products, as well as a warranty for all rented systems that guarantees quick fixes to any problem. Our response time to any maintenance issue is three to five hours, and if the machine can’t be fixed, we will replace the broken machine with another right away.

Upgrade at Any Time

Houston’s economy ranks as one of the best in the nation, and businesses all over the area are growing and expanding. More people means more water consumed, and fortunately, Mirex’s upgrade policy for all rented machines allows our clients to trade up their current machine for another larger one at any time. Using a self-sanitizing ice and water machine is healthier for employees as well, since they won’t be ingesting harmful bacteria that resides in tap, and yes, even bottled water.

Business Write-Off

Providing healthy, pure drinking water for employees is beneficial in more ways than one. Any machine that is rented from Mirex can be unnamedwritten off as an operating expense for the business, making the management happy as well as the workers.

For information on renting a Mirex Aquapure Solutions machine, and to learn more about making the switch to purified water, call 713-682-3000, or contact us online