Pure Water machines for large Houston businesses

Mirex AquaPure Solutions provides pure Water machines for large Houston businesses!Mirex AquaPure Solutions provides pure water machines for large Houston businesses. We are proud to serve businesses with over 500 employees that need water machines placed throughout their facility. Our water machines are ideal for large businesses because they instantly provide great tasting water that is twice as pure as bottled water.



Large Houston businesses will benefit from our high quality customer service

Your business will benefit from the following customer service advantages:

  1. 3 to 5 hour service response time
  2. Fix or replace warranty
  3. The highest level of service that is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau


We are committed to providing the highest quality service for your company. You will notice that our machines are easy to use and run smoothly; this is due to the efforts we take to ensure proper performance. We run the machines up in our lab before they are placed at your facility. For the continuing maintenance of your machine, our staff will perform maintenance visits every 6 to 9 months, depending on the volume of the machine and the conditions of the incoming water. If you ever have any problems, call us and we will deliver prompt service!

A variety of pure water and ice machines to fit your needs

We have a variety of ice and water machines that will suit your company needs. Machines such as the HydraQuest HRO 250 provide a 5 stage purification system to ensure the purity of your water. Our water machines also have the option to choose hot and cold water. To browse through the various water machines we offer, visit our webpage for detailed descriptions.




follett2Additionally, we also have ice and water machines for an even fresher drink. Machines such as the Follett 15 Series ice and water dispenser provide nugget/Chewblet® ice that your employees and customers will enjoy.

Contact Mirex AquaPure Solutions

With Mirex, you will receive a premium level of service for your water machine. Start by calling us at (713) 682-3000, or fill out a contact form in our website for more information.