Keeping Cool After the Storm with Mirex Ice Machines

  • 2nd July 2015

Following the tropical storm Bill’s rainy days, the weather is bound to heat up to uncomfortable temperatures.  Mirex can help you and your business keep cool with our range of ice machines! We offer several different types of Hoshizaki machines from under counter and cabinet models to machines that can meet the needs of the busiest offices and work places. Additionally, we can provide you with storage bins and dispensers to maximize production.  We also offer a hands free option, the Follett Ice Device storage system with a chute and cart that allow you to transport ice without the scoop (much more sanitary) and without carrying—SmartCART limits lifted weight to 25 pounds! Our machines are also capable of making several types of ice: sonic ice/cubelet…

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Water Purification Moves Forward With Reverse Osmosis

  • 15th June 2015

Reverse Osmosis sounds like something from a science-fiction film, but it’s actually a very real and effective way to purify water. Though complex in appearance, Reverse Osmosis is a simple process of water pressure forcing tap water through a semi-permeable membrane (Illus. A, B and C). The tap water is filtered by the membrane (Illus. D) and leaves all those contaminates behind (Illus. E and F). Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Energy efficient! Machines are easy to clean and operate! Provides clear, clean and great tasting water! Mirex offers a great line of pure water machines equipped with Reverse Osmosis to ensure healthy water for customers! Call (713) 682-3000 today!  

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Mirex Aquapure Solutions WARNING: HOT weather right around the corner

  • 5th June 2015

If you are from Houston this goes without saying, but if you are new to Houston, Mirex Aquapure Solutions is here to warn you about upcoming HOT weather. Our summer’s start early and end late. Make sure you are prepared with plenty of water and ice. Don’t bother trying to keep your fridge full of bottled water. At Mirex Aquapure Solutions we offer bottleLESS options. We make sure your water is always fresh and always cold. Once the hot weather arrives, room temperature water just won’t cut it. Our self-sanitizing water systems dispense pure sonic ice all in the same machine! There are no bottle deposits, no waiting for water to be delivered and no storage problems. We offer different types of machines that work…

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Mirex offers ice machines and UV purification tanks big enough for any occasion

  • 28th May 2015

Mirex Aquapure Solutions offers much more than just Sonic Ice and Pure Water dispensers. In fact, Mirex offers the whole line of Hoshizaki ice machines, one of the best brands in the ice machine business. These ice machines are good for any occasion. Whether you’re a smaller company with few employees or a big business serving hundreds of employees, we can find the right Hoshizaki ice machine for you. These top-of-the-line ice machines can produce anywhere from 50 pounds of ice to thousands of pounds of ice in a single day. Additionally, Mirex fabricates custom UV purification tanks that range in size from 30 to 1,000 gallons. The UV purification tanks pair nicely with our ice chute systems. We encourage anyone using multiple 10-20 gallon…

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Keurig Office Machines from Mirex AquaPure Solutions

  • 28th April 2015

Coffee breaks are an inevitable part of any office workday. However there is something employers can do to reduce time lost in running to the coffee shop, brewing a whole new pot of coffee, etc. Install a Keurig office machine from Mirex, and your employees will have a reservoir of hot drinks at the push of a button. Interactive and Easy Instead of brewing a full pot of coffee and letting over half of it go to waste, Keurigs offer the option of making one cup at a time. And with different cup sizes, depending on the specific model, from 4 oz. to 12 oz, employees will be able to customize their perfect drink solution. The interactive touchscreen makes it easy to operate, and with…

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