Emerging contaminants in the Houston Water Supply

  • 17th March 2016

The threat of emerging contaminants in the Houston water supply is something the public should be educated on. A great deal of Houston’s tap water originates from the toilets and showers of the Dallas /Fort Worth area, and there have been various concerns regarding the safety of Houston’s water supply. What are emerging contaminants? The Water Quality Association states that “emerging contaminants” are used as a term to describe contaminants found in water supplies that have not been previously identified. The WQA lists pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and endocrine disrupting compounds as the main emerging contaminants. Previous research on drugs in the water supply The WQA notes that the U.S. EPA continues to research how these emerging contaminants could affect our bodies, since they are…

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Mirex Water Systems Protect Your Water From Microorganisms

  • 8th March 2016

Have you ever thought about the cleanliness of your bottled water dispenser? Since bottled water has chlorine removed to taste better, after removal there is nothing to disinfect the water, which increases the potential of bottled water dispensers to be home to a variety of bacteria, fungi, and other live microorganisms. These microorganisms can be spread throughout the water itself and deep into the inner parts of the dispenser. Mirex Water Systems provide a solution to this concern by effectively getting rid of microorganisms. Bottled water dispensers are susceptible to bacteria There are many ways bacteria can grow in these dispensers. When you touch the neck of the water bottle to place it on top of the water dispenser, you leave bacteria from your hands. Bacteria…

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Follett Ice-DevIce chute systems in Houston: Transport ice efficiently

  • 13th January 2016

Follett Ice-DevIce chute systems in Houston: Transport ice efficiently Mirex AquaPure Solutions provides Follett Ice•DevIce™ chute systems in Houston for transporting and keeping “hands out of your ice”. If your business frequently needs to transport large volumes of ice, the Ice•DevIce system will improve both the safety and productivity of your business operations.   The Ice•DevIce system removes ice from the bin through the front ice chute. This convenient design means that you can eliminate manual scooping and reduce the risk of ice contamination from the bacteria in your hands and scooper. Hands never touch the ice.     Follett’s SmartCART™ is designed to transport the ice dispensed from the Ice•DevIce system. The wheeled container makes transporting ice safer by eliminating the need to carry…

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Mirex AquaPure Solutions is a member of the Water Quality Association

  • 6th January 2016

Houston-Based Mirex AquaPure Solutions is a member of the Water Quality Association. For 16 years we have maintained membership with the WQA and have provided commercial level ​service for ​water and ice machines to businesses around the Houston area. The Water Quality Association is a not for profit association that aims to educate and certify people that work in the water treatment industry. They offer certification and training for professionals as well as certification for water treatment products. The WQA also keeps their members informed through research and the latest industry trends and statistical data.   In being a member of the WQA, we have agreed to uphold an industry Code of Ethics which specifies how to conduct business with customers in an honest and professional…

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New AquaAir 5000 Machine

  • 3rd August 2015

Mirex Aquapure Solutions adds, AquaAir 5000, a new state-of-the-art water machine to its arsenal of water and ice machines. The AquaAir 5000 transforms air into pure water. No water source is needed. The AquaAir 5000 is an upright machine that produces 4 – 8 gallons of drinking water per day depending on humidity and temperature levels. The machines are built to keep the water inside pure 24/7. The AquaAir 5000 is built with a 5 stage purification with a pump that circulates the water several times a day through UV Light for the maximum in pure water. The AquaAir 5000 is great way to drink pure water without buying a bunch of plastic bottles. It is a “green” alternative and it is cost effective. This…

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