Hoshizaki Ice Makers: Choose from a variety of ice shapes!

  • 24th May 2016

Ice plays an important role in the beverages you give out to customers.  At Mirex, we provide a variety of Hoshizaki ice makers that produce specific ice shapes. When you choose Hoshizaki, you will provide your customers with the optimal drinking experience!       If you are unsure of which ice shape to choose, our guide through the ice shapes we offer can help you:   Crescent Cuber Ice– Our Hoshizaki ice machines produce clear, crescent shaped ice cubes that are an excellent addition to restaurants and hospitals. This ice shape is widely lauded because of its dimensions that make it an excellent ice shape for drinks.     Sonic Cubed Ice– For soft ice that is easy to chew, the sonic cubed ice…

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Hoshizaki commercial ice machines in Houston

  • 16th May 2016

Who is the best ice machine brand? When you need a machine that is reliable and adheres to the strictest standards to meet high production demands, look no further than Hoshizaki. At Mirex AquaPure Solutions, we offer Hoshizaki commercial ice machines in Houston to provide you with the best ice production capabilities. Why choose Hoshizaki? Hoshizaki ice machines are widely recognized as the leading ice machine brand. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial ice machines. In order to assure proper performance, each machine goes through strict performance tests. Hoshizaki is also noted for creating energy efficient designs. At Mirex, we have a range of ENERGY STAR qualified units available for your company. High quality ice & machines for different ice shapes Hoshizaki is…

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Pure Water machines for large Houston businesses

  • 19th April 2016

Mirex AquaPure Solutions provides pure water machines for large Houston businesses. We are proud to serve businesses with over 500 employees that need water machines placed throughout their facility. Our water machines are ideal for large businesses because they instantly provide great tasting water that is twice as pure as bottled water.     Large Houston businesses will benefit from our high quality customer service Your business will benefit from the following customer service advantages: 3 to 5 hour service response time Fix or replace warranty The highest level of service that is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau   We are committed to providing the highest quality service for your company. You will notice that our machines are easy to use and run…

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Mirex water and ice machines – Ideal for the Houston weather

  • 12th April 2016

Spring has officially arrived, and you will start to see hot weather forming in the coming months! In Houston, the hot weather plus humidity means that you need to ensure your company has water to stay hydrated and healthy. Mirex provides water and ice machines to businesses around the Houston area that effectively prepare them for the hot summer months. Have water readily available, for any scenario There are many scenarios in the workplace where having a Mirex water and ice machine will benefit your business operations. If you have employees working outside, it is important for them to have instant access to water. For days when the weather reaches 90°F and above, the risk of dehydration increases. Our ice and water machines provide a…

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4 Reasons to Rent Bottleless Water Coolers

  • 23rd March 2016

Mirex AquaPure Solutions provides bottleless water coolers to offices all over Houston. Here are five reasons you need a bottleless water cooler in your office! 1.It’s healthy – distillation, ozonation, and UV light are the only proven methods to protect against microorganisms and waterborne pathogens in drinking water. “If you’re having a gastrointestinal problem, it may not be from what you ate last night, but from the water you drank instead,” said Charlie Hollis, president and owner of Mirex. 2.It’s environmentally friendly – avoid buying case after case of plastic bottles. According to National Geographic, for every six bottles we use, only one makes it to the recycling bin. Plastic bottles take many hundreds of years to disintegrate. Encourage your employees to bring a reusable…

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