Office Keurig for the Winter

Winter is still in full effect, making it prime time for hot drinks. The Keurig Coffee Maker is the perfect choice for your office. Not only does it make a hot drink in a matter of seconds, but Keurig also makes a variety of drink types without excess waste.

Endless Flavor Selection

Keurig office_KCupsKeurig K-cups come in a variety of flavors, so that everyone — no matter the palette — can find a coffee to enjoy. In terms of variety, Keurig prides itself on carrying the widest range of roasts, spanning from the deepest, darkest roasts, to the caffeine loaded blonde roasts. Some of the flavors we carry here at Mirex include:

  • Caramel Vanilla
  • French Vanilla
  • Hazelnut Cream
  • Souther Pecan

The coffee beans for the K-cups come from all over the globe, including Columbia, Peru, Ethiopia, and Java.

Going with the Keurig doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stop getting coffee from your usual spot either. Some of the biggest names in morning Joes package their coffee in K-cups, namely Starbucks and Shipley’s. So you can get your usual cup now without having to wait in that morning line and risk being late to work!

More Than Just Coffee

Keurig systems can brew more than just coffee; hot chocolate and tea of all types is also available, making the Keurig perfect for a midmorning treat and post-lunch pick-me-up. Mirex carries Earl Grey and Green Tea, as well as two separate hot cocoa flavors, but many other options are available.

In addition to hot drinks, Keurig brewers now make iced drinks as well. Iced coffee, tea, and fruit drinks are ready at a touch of a button with our new selection of “Brew Over Ice” K-cups. Simply fill a cup with ice, press a button, and, in less than a minute, you’ll have a delicious iced drink to sip on.

One Less Excuse to be Late

How many times have you seen employees walk in 15 minutes late with a Starbucks cup in hand? The best way to eliminate those last-minute coffee runs is to provide an in-office alternative. Employees will gladly give up paying that extra $4 for coffee if they know they can get their daily dose of caffeine for free at the office. With so many flavors to choose from, there is virtually no difference between store-bough coffee and Keurig-brewed cups.

Make your employees happy, keep them warm, and make sure they are on time by upgrading your office break room with a Keurig system today. For more information about the benefits of a Keurig brewing system, please call (713) 682-3000.