Office Coffee Brewing Systems Improve Productivity

Have you ever gotten to the office and realized that no one had restocked the coffee? Does the secretary have a habit of making watery coffee? Nothing throws off your Monday more than skipping your cup of Joe in the morning. Here at Mirex, we understand how important coffee is to the office morale and our now offering a fantastic alternative to traditional brewers. Keurig office coffee brewing systems make single cups of coffee at a touch of a button. There are several ways in these single-cup coffee makers can improve the office energy!

1. A Fresh Cup, Anytime

The biggest advantage of a Keurig system is the speed that it brews coffee. Simply pick a k-cup, slip it into the designated spot, close the lid, and press the button. You will have a fresh cup of coffee in under a minute!

Keurigs are fantastic office coffee brewing systems because employees are able to get a cup of coffee at anytime of the day without having to wait for a whole pot to brew. No more missing that last pour of the pot and no more throwing away extra coffee!

2. Versatility

Keurig systems can accommodate all kinds of coffee drinkers. A touch screen display allows you to pick exactly the amount of coffee you want to brew, so you know that every member of your team will get exactly the amount of coffee they need in each cup. Moreover, coffee cups come in a wide range of flavors: from Colombian brews to hazelnut coffee, you will be sure to find the selection of flavors for your crew.

3. The Healthy Choice

You have the option of hooking your office coffee brewing system to your water purification unit, allowing you to use the cleanest water for your coffee. Considering the water quality in Houston, this is not a bad idea!

4. Improves Energy and Productivity

Imagine all the time employees would save if they did not have to go to a Starbucks every time they wanted a quality cup of coffee? Employees would make it on time to work because they would no longer have to wait in the long morning line at the coffee shop. Moreover, a cup of coffee after lunch boosts productivity throughout the rest of the day; people would be more inclined to spring for that extra cup if it were readily accessible to them.

If you are considering upgrading your office coffee brewing system, please contact Mirex Aquapure Solutions. We specialize in water purification and single-cup office coffee makers in the Houston area. Let us boost productivity in your office!!