New AquaAir 5000 Machine

Mirex Aquapure Solutions adds, AquaAir 5000, a new state-of-the-art water machine to its arsenal of water and ice machines. The AquaAir 5000 transforms air into pure water. No water source is needed.

The AquaAir 5000 is an upright machine that produces 4 – 8 gallons of drinking water per day depending on humidity and temperature levels. The machines are built to keep the water inside pure 24/7. The AquaAir 5000 is built with a 5 stage purification with a pump that circulates the water several times a day through UV Light for the maximum in pure water.

The AquaAir 5000 is great way to drink pure water without buying a bunch of plastic bottles. It is a “green” alternative and it is cost effective. This machine can produce between 120-240 gallons of pure water per month. No need to waste money on plumbing or adding a water source – just plug it into the wall.

Mirex Aquapure Solutions leads the industry in water and ice machines. They have water and ice machines built for any office space. Call Mirex today and see what they can do for you (713) 682-3000.