Mirex’s Houston Keurig Office Machines Offer a Variety of Flavor Options

With the worst heat of summer finally gone, Houstonians can look forward to some cooler weather in the months to come. While B3000SEstaying hydrated with plenty of purified water and ice, at the same time you may want to treat yourself and your employees to the benefits of a Keurig office machine coffee brewer. Mirex’s Keurig office machines feature top-notch coffees and teas, in a wide variety of coveted flavors.

Increase Productivity with a Keurig Coffee Brewer

Keurig machines are ever increasing in popularity, with many people using their home brewer several times a day. Make the office space feel like home with a convenient office coffee machine from Mirex AquaPure Solutions. Eliminate trips to the coffee shop or gas station by providing the highest quality coffees, teas, and other specialty drinks for your employees. By staying hydrated and motivated, productivity as well as morale will be increased.

Variety for Your Office Keurig Machine

Keurig office brewers aren’t just for coffee anymore – with specialty teas in a wide variety of flavors and hot chocolate K-cups available, employees have more options than ever. Green tea is a healthy immune system booster, and flavors like Lemon Zing and Mandarin Orange Spice will give you and your employees natural energy. In addition, you can order your office coffee machine K-cups in bulk directly from Mirex, simplifying the process. Mirex offers free delivery for all coffee, tea, and specialty beverage K-cups, with no minimum purchase order required.

The Mirex Customer Service Advantage

When ordering your office Keurig brewer through Mirex, you will have access not only to premium beverages all year round, but also to the highest level of customer service in the industry. Mirex consistently wins accolades for unbeatable client service, including a three to five hour response time for any machine service issue, regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits, and clean and professional installation. Mirex has received the Houston Better Business Bureau Award for Excellence year after year. Get started with your Houston office coffee brewer today and experience the Mirex advantage by calling 713-682-3000. Make sure to check out our Facebook page for news and the latest updates.