Mirex Water Systems Protect Your Water From Microorganisms

Mirex Water Systems protect your water from microorganisms!Have you ever thought about the cleanliness of your bottled water dispenser? Since bottled water has chlorine removed to taste better, after removal there is nothing to disinfect the water, which increases the potential of bottled water dispensers to be home to a variety of bacteria, fungi, and other live microorganisms. These microorganisms can be spread throughout the water itself and deep into the inner parts of the dispenser. Mirex Water Systems provide a solution to this concern by effectively getting rid of microorganisms.

Bottled water dispensers are susceptible to bacteria

There are many ways bacteria can grow in these dispensers. When you touch the neck of the water bottle to place it on top ofMirex Water Systems provide a safe alternative to bottled water dispensers. the water dispenser, you leave bacteria from your hands. Bacteria can also grow from the dust accumulated in the neck of the water cooler.

Inside the water cooler, microorganisms like to grow in the warm, moist environment.

In water bottle containers, bacteria can grow simply because of the ambient storage temperature. Since microorganisms can spread both inside the water bottle and the inner system of the machine, it is difficult to completely remove them through manual sanitation efforts.

Biofilm can contaminate your water

The growth of microorganisms in solid surfaces is known as biofilm, and they can be responsible for a variety of diseases. One of the bacteria that could contaminate the water is E.Coli bacteria, which can cause the stomach flu.

When you choose a bottled water dispenser, you leave open the possibility of your employees or customers becoming sick from the bacteria that contaminates the water.

Mirex provides proven methods to get rid of microorganisms

The proven methods to effectively get rid of microorganisms in your drinking water are through distillation, ozonation, and UV light. At Mirex AquaPure Solutions, we offer water systems with a 5 stage purification system. In stage 5, the UV light system kills the microorganisms that could grow and contaminate the water. Our purification process makes our machines self-sanitizing since we eliminate the possibility of microorganisms growing in the tubing of the water system.

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