Mirex water and ice machines – Ideal for the Houston weather

sun-157126_1280Spring has officially arrived, and you will start to see hot weather forming in the coming months! In Houston, the hot weather plus humidity means that you need to ensure your company has water to stay hydrated and healthy. Mirex provides water and ice machines to businesses around the Houston area that effectively prepare them for the hot summer months.

Have water readily available, for any scenario

There are many scenarios in the workplace where having a Mirex water and ice machine will benefit your business operations.

If you have employees working outside, it is important for them to have instant access to water. For days when the weather reaches 90°F and above, the risk of dehydration increases. Our ice and water machines provide a cool refreshment option that can prevent your employees from becoming seriously ill.

Our water and ice machines can also serve as a waiting room refreshment. If you have a customer waiting area in your facility, providing complementary water shows your customers that you are courteous. For outside waiting areas or waiting rooms with no air conditioning, your customers need to have refreshments in hand to stay cool for an extended period of time.

In an office setting, our ice and water machines provide instant breakroom refreshment. Your employees will enjoy a fresh cup of ice and water without the hassle of replacing water bottles. As you head out of the office and into the Houston heat, it is a good idea to have cold water in hand for your commute back home. By choosing Mirex, you will have cool water readily available without any hassle.

The superior taste of our waterfollett copy

Our water machines deliver a superior taste that is distinguishable and enjoyable to consume. Machines such as the Follett 15 series provide water and easy to chew cubelet ice. The Follett 7 and 15 series comes in both the counter-top and freestanding model and the 7 series even comes as an undercounter model ideal for any workspace. For more specifications on the Follett 15 series, visit our website.




We also have the Mirex 9000, which produces traditionally shaped cubed ice and tempertured pure water.

Contact Mirex today

Mirex wants to help you choose the ideal ice and water machine for your business. To get started, call us at (713) 682-3000, or visit our website for more information. Get ahead of the Houston heat by having an ice and water machine installed in your workplace!