Mirex Purified Water Machines: The Healthy, Green Alternative

With the hottest days of summer in full swing, it is more important than ever to stay hydrated. Drinking straight from the tap can cause more harm than good though – especially with the state of Houston water. It is vital to know that your water is safe and purified. With the systems offered by Mirex, the leader in Houston purified water and ice machines, you never have to worry about your drinking water.

Health Benefits to Drinking Houston Purified Water

Mirex systems treat water with a unique multistage filtration process, ensuring that all microorganisms and pathogens are eliminated. Plus, the machines are completely self-sanitizing. What does all this mean for you and your employees? Not only does drinking from a Mirex purified water machine erase the need for multiple trips out of the office for water, but it also means that employees are less likely to develop stomach upsets or other more extreme illnesses caused by drinking contaminated, dirty water. Drinking plenty of clean water helps to maintain good health, energy, and therefore productivity.

Simplify with Mirex Purified Water Systems

No longer will you have to wait for water to be delivered to your place of business, or send employees on trips to the store. Having a Houston purified water and ice machine right in the office cuts down on time and expense. It’s also the “green” alternative to cluttering up the environment with hundreds of water bottles. Trashed water bottles account for 1.5 million tons of non-decomposable plastic every year. Do your part to help solve this problem by renting a Mirex machine today. All Mirex purified water systems are backed by a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, as well as a simplified monthly billing system and regularly scheduled maintenance. Mirex’s dedication to customer service is reflected by the fact that we consistently, year after year win the Better Business Bureau Award of Excellence, recognizing outstanding commitment to customer service.

Mirex Aquapure Solutions is a Houston-based company, with an unsurpassed reputation for quality and service. Keep business local and rent your purified water and ice system from Mirex today. For information on any of our systems, call 713-682-3000, and make sure to follow us on Facebook for news, special offers, and updates.