Mirex President Interviewed About Benefits of Going Bottleless

President of Mirex AquaPure Solutions, Charlie Hollis, was recently interviewed by Kevin Price, radio host of the Price of Business, about the benefits of bottleless water systems. Throughout the interview, Mr. Hollis explains why Mirex’s products benefit both employees and business owners.

Reducing the Number of Worker’s Comp Claims

Did you know that injuries related to bottled water dispensers is the third most common worker’s injury? Lifting heavy water bottles can cause back injuries and water spillage can create an additional safety hazard in the work place, explains Mr. Hollis. Mirex’s products drastically reduce the potential for injury and expensive compensation claims by eliminating the bottle.

All of Mirex’s water purification systems connect directly to the building’s existing water source, allowing water to be automatically fed into the system. There are no heavy five gallon bottles to replace and pick up; just fresh water and ice at the touch of a button!

Cleaner Systems

Every Houstonian has heard Marvin Zindler’s story about slime in the ice machine. While many brush that story off as urban legend, there is in fact some truth to it. Slime called biofilm tends to collect in both ice machines and water dispensers unless they are cleaned regularly.

Mirex water and ice systems use ultra violet light to kill off bacteria that collects in these dispensers, ensuring that your system is sanitized and your water is pure.