Mirex offers ice machines and UV purification tanks big enough for any occasion

Mirex Aquapure Solutions offers much more than just Sonic Ice and Pure Water dispensers. In fact, Mirex offers the whole line of Hoshizaki ice machines, one of the best brands in the ice machine business. These ice machines are good for any occasion. Whether you’re a smaller company with few employees or a big business serving hundreds of employees, we can find the right Hoshizaki ice machine for you. These top-of-the-line ice machines can produce anywhere from 50 pounds of ice to thousands of pounds of ice in a single day.

High Volume Dump Tank

High Volume Dump Tank

Additionally, Mirex fabricates custom UV purification tanks that range in size from 30 to 1,000 gallons. The UV purification tanks pair nicely with our ice chute systems. We encourage anyone using multiple 10-20 gallon Gatorade coolers daily to call us. We can save you time and money!

If you are currently using a Reddy Ice machine or a similar brand, Mirex would love to give you a completely free price comparison. Mirex Aquapure Solutions is known for its competitive pricing and wants you to know the most cost effective route. Many of our customers have found they spend three to four times less when they rent an ice machine with an ice chute system verses having to pay for Reddy Ice and ice storage. Renting an ice machine with an ice chute system from Mirex saves you time and money!

For more information, please call Mirex Auapure Solutions at (713) 682-3000.