Mirex Ice Machines Deliver Variety, Quality, and Top-Notch Service

In weather that on good days could fry an egg on the sidewalk, it’s important to stay hydrated. Even working inside in an air-conditioned office building, dehydration can become a factor. And it’s not just the quantity of water and ice consumed, it’s the quality. Houston tap water is notoriously filthy – be confident in knowing that your employees are drinking only the best with Mirex Aquapure Solutions purified ice machines.

Many Varieties to Choose From

Mirex doesn’t just offer one standard machine. We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we rent out a wide variety of the finest quality Houston ice machines.

The Hoshizaki KM Crescent Cuber ice machine produces clear, crescent shaped cubes of ice. This machine is perfect for office break rooms as well as restaurants and other hospitality businesses. They vary in capacity, depending on the specific model and are equipped with a dual stainless steel evaporator.

Also available for rent are the cubelet ice machines. These machines, producing soft, chewable cubes of ice, are extremely convenient, as they hook directly up to your building’s water source. They feature a stainless steel exterior, the industry’s only greaseless bearing design, and the “CleanCycle 12″ feature, which allows the machine to automatically clean itself out every twelve hours.

Shaved ice is ideal for any business that wishes to enjoy light, chewable ice flakes. These types of machines are also perfect for the healthcare and grocery industries, or any business requiring food display. These machines also feature the CleanCycle 12 design, and have fewer moving parts than most conventional flakers. This makes them more durable, and less prone to malfunctions.

A classic design with a sleeker finish, the IM Square Cuber ice machines allow you and your employees to enjoy elegant, perfect squares of ice. These units are available in a convenient stackable design, and come with a removable air filter, which gives them a longer lifespan.

Mirex also offers our own design of purified water and ice machines, a cutting edge system that produces classic cubed ice while still offering three water temperature options. These systems connect directly to your plumbing as well, and offer an extremely efficient purification process.

Also, renting any one of Mirex’s ice machines gives you access to our unparalleled customer service. Consistently recognized by the Better Business Bureau for our commitment to quality and excellence, Mirex is noted for an excellent reputation. A three to five hour response time to any service call is one of the hallmarks of our dedication to our customers. Plus, if we can’t fix the machine promptly, we will switch it out for another at no cost to the customer.

Don’t suffer the heat and make yourself sick with contaminated ice and water – call Mirex today at 713-682-3000 and treat yourself and your employees to fresh, purified ice.