Mirex Aquapure Solutions WARNING: HOT weather right around the corner

If you are from Houston this goes without saying, but if you are new to Houston, Mirex Aquapure Solutions is here to warn you about upcoming HOT weather. Our summer’s start early and end late. Make sure you are prepared with plenty of water and ice.


One of many water systems you can put in your office.

Don’t bother trying to keep your fridge full of bottled water. At Mirex Aquapure Solutions we offer bottleLESS options. We make sure your water is always fresh and always cold. Once the hot weather arrives, room temperature water just won’t cut it. Our self-sanitizing water systems dispense pure sonic ice all in the same machine!

There are no bottle deposits, no waiting for water to be delivered and no storage problems. We offer different types of machines that work well for any work environment. Whether it’s an office, warehouse or manufacturing plant – we have just the right water system for you. Mirex Aquapure Solutions’ bottleless water coolers is the answer to all of your hydration needs this summer.

This summer is sure to be a sweaty one. The humidity in Houston is off the charts; so, make sure you are staying hydrated this summer. Call Mirex Aquapure Solutions today to learn more about going bottleLESS and making sure you always have the freshest and coldest water in your office – (713) 682-3000.