Mirex AquaPure Solutions is a member of the Water Quality Association

Houston-Based Mirex AquaPure Solutions is a member of the Water Quality Association. For 16 years we have maintained membership with the WQA and have provided commercial level ​service for ​water and ice machines to businesses around the Houston area.

The Water Quality Association is a not for profit association that aims to educate and certify people that work in the water treatment industry. They offer certification and training for professionals as well as certification for water treatment products. The WQA also keeps their members informed through research and the latest industry trends and statistical data.


In being a member of the WQA, we have agreed to uphold an industry Code of Ethics which specifies how to conduct business with customers in an honest and professional manner. Membership with the WQA means that we work diligently to maintain our credibility as a pure water dealer.


We are proud to be a Houston-based member of the Water Quality Association, and the effort we take to gain credibility results in high quality customer service and water that is at least twice as pure as bottled water. For more information about our water and ice machines, visit our website or call us at (713) 682-3000.