Lead in Houston Drinking Water

Is your office water safe?  A March 3, 2017 front-page story in the Houston Chronicle indicated that it might not be as safe as you think.  In fact there is lead in Houston drinking water.  And sometimes at levels which are unsafe for consumption.   

The article focused on lead in area schools but readers should remember that the same factors that can cause elevated and sometimes-dangerous levels of lead in a school can, and likely are, present in area business locations.

What are the health risks of lead exposure and contamination from Houston drinking water?

While the greatest risks are associated with children’s health, according to WebMD and the World Health Organization, excessive amounts of lead in adults can lead to high blood pressure, brain damage, kidney failure, central nervous system damage and heart disease among other ailments.  There are various ways to be exposed to lead but via our drinking water is one of the most common.  When proper steps are not taken to filter it out, particularly after processing in water treatment facilities (it is often absorbed from lead pipes delivering it to our offices), levels can reach excessive or harmful amounts.  Buildings constructed prior to 1987 in Houston are the most likely to be at risk but even newer buildings offer no assurance of lead-free water.

What can be done to protect your facility from lead in Houston drinking water?

The answer is simple and surprisingly affordable.  You need to filter out the lead and other harmful in-organic or radioactive contaminants such as radon, radium, plutonium, asbestos, alpha particles, mercury, arsenic, nitrates, barium and hard minerals.  You need Pure Water and/or Machines from Mirex AquaPure Solutions.

We offer a number of economical, efficient and effective 5 Stage Water Purification Systems including many UV Light, Reverse Osmosis with Multistage Filtration Units; the Ozonation, Reverse Osmosis with Multistage Filtration Units; our professional-grade Distillers (two models to choose from); the UV Light with MultiStage Filtration Units; as well as a Mirex Custom Pure Water Tank in any size you want.

Protect your employees and customers from the health hazards associated with lead in Houston drinking water. Install a Pure Water Machine from BBB Award of Excellence winner, Mirex AquaPure Solutions. To learn more call us at 713-682-3000 or visit our website www.mirexsolutions.com