Keurig Office Machines from Mirex AquaPure Solutions

Coffee breaks are an inevitable part of any office workday. However there is something employers can do to reduce time lost in running to the coffee shop, brewing a whole new pot of coffee, etc. Install a Keurig office machine from Mirex, and your employees will have a reservoir of hot drinks at the push of a button.

Interactive and Easy

Instead of brewing a full pot of coffee and letting over half of it go to waste, Keurigs offer the option of making one cup at a time. And with different cup sizes, depending on the specific model, from 4 oz. to 12 oz, employees will be able to customize their perfect drink solution. The interactive touchscreen makes it easy to operate, and with every system comes the famous Mirex guarantee of fast service response time and convenient monthly billing options.

Different Drink Varieties

Tea drinkers can get their fix as well, since the Keurig systems from Mirex, Houston’s trusted pure water cooler supplier, have a wide variety of drink options. Breakfast tea, green tea, India spice chai tea, and even hot cocoas, all of these are available to order in bulk from Mirex. Individually packaged sugars, creamers, and sweeteners can be ordered as well, simplifying your office refreshment supply.

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