Keeping Cool After the Storm with Mirex Ice Machines

Following the tropical storm Bill’s rainy days, the weather is bound to heat up to uncomfortable temperatures.  Mirex can help you and your business keep cool with our range of ice machines!

We offer several different types of Hoshizaki machines from under counter and cabinet models to machines that can meet the needs of the busiest offices and work places. Additionally, we can provide you with storage bins and dispensers to maximize production.  We also offer a hands free option, the Follett Ice Device storage system with a chute and cart that allow you to transport ice without the scoop (much more sanitary) and without carrying—SmartCART limits lifted weight to 25 pounds!

Our machines are also capable of making several types of ice: sonic ice/cubelet ice (a ‘softer’ ice ideal for chewing), shaved ice (great for food displays), and regular ice.   For maximum convenience, we can install an ice and pure water dispensor to ensure the cleanest possible water for all your needs.

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