Keep Your Office Healthy with Mirex’s Houston Purified Water

Many office workers chug bottled water or drink from a group cooler many times a day, never thinking about the health risks involved. Truth be told, switching to a Houston purified water and ice system from Mirex AquaPure Solutions saves not only the

Purified office water whenever you want it!

health of your employees, but keeps your office running smoother as well.

No Scrubbing Required

Many Houston offices utilize a community water cooler. These coolers are seldom sanitized, as the process to correctly sanitize them involves cleaning out the reservoir with a bleach solution. Thus, the group cooler carries the risk of contamination and illness, not to mention the often-unpleasant taste of the water. With a purified water system, your employees never have to worry about scrubbing out a cooler in order to have access to clean drinking water. Mirex systems are self-sanitizing, eliminating the slime and bacteria that live in bottled water coolers.

Eliminate Risk of Injury

When having bottled water delivered to your office, it often becomes an ordeal. Between the employees taking time to prop open the door for the delivery driver, and possible back injuries from lifting the heavy bottles, simply having water delivered to your office can become a workman’s comp. issue. Switch to a Mirex Houston purified water machine and never have to worry about the inconvenience of waiting for water to be delivered, or the risk of injury to your employees. In addition, all Mirex machines are space-efficient, and take up minimal room.

Mirex Aquapure Solutions is a Houston-based company, with an unsurpassed reputation for quality as well as customer service. Keep business local and rent your purified water and ice system from Mirex today. For information on any of our systems, call 713-682-3000, and make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for news, special offers and updates.