Houston’s Tap Water: More Reason for a Water Purification System

Have you ever traveled to another part of the country and noticed that the tap water tastes so much better? I used to think that bad tap water was part of living in a big city until I traveled a bit more and realized that there is something specifically wrong with Houston’s tap. Upon doing a bit a research, I realized that Houston’s water doesn’t just taste bad — it is bad. Since making this realization, I’ve decided to switch over to a water purification system. Here’s why —

Houston’s Water is Riddled With Chemicals

dirty water_water purification system

I understand that having a few chemicals to “clean” our water is good – some chemicals kill nasty bacteria that could hurt our health. But it seems that the City of Houston Public Works has gone a bit overboard with their water treatment.

A study by 24/7 Wall St. used data collected from multiple sources over five years (ending in 2009) by Environmental Working Group (EWG), based in Washington, D.C. The study reveals that Houston’s water is the 6th worst in the nation.

As the 4th largest city in the US, we get our water from various sources, including the San Jacinto Rivers, Trinity River, and Lake Houston. 22,083 water quality tests were run on Houston’s water supply between 2004-2007. The tests found that our water contains 18 chemicals that exceeded federal and state health guidelines. This is 4.5 times the national average of 4 chemicals — which is still a pretty high number if you ask me!

Three of the 18 chemicals found exceeded EPA legal health standards, against the national average of 0.5 chemicals. The worst part is that these chemicals don’t make our water any cleaner. A total of 46 pollutants were detected in our tap water, compared to the national average of eight. Among these contaminants and chemicals, our city water has contained illegal levels of alpha particles, a form of radiation, and haloacetic acids, from various disinfection byproducts.

Get Healthy: Get a Water Purification System

At the end of the day, it seems like you have three options if you don’t want to be poisoned by your own water.

  1. You can buy bottled water!Objection: This is a pricey habit and contributes to pollution, which in turn further contaminates our drinking water.
  2. You can distill your water!While this is an option, it requires a bit more time and energy than most people want to invest. Not to mention you need to refrigerate your water after distilling it, unless you enjoy drinking hot water in the Houston heat.
  3. You can get a water purification system! Personally, I feel like this is the best option. You get cold, pure drinking water at a touch of a button. Systems hook up directly to your tap water and remove the vast majority of contaminants, making your water safe and delicious. Moreover, you can get water systems that make ice as well and also produce hot water, so you can make any water-based drink at any time.

I encourage you to do more research on the water in your area. For more information about water purification systems for your Houston home or office, please call Mirex AquaPure Solutions at (713) 682-3000.