Houston Water Machines: The Benefits of Bottleless in the Workplace

Typically, when you think of a water machine, this image comes to mind: 

bottled-waterThe defining aspect of a typical water machine is the big blue bottle on top, with emphasis on ‘big’. That bottle holds all of the water needed to get your employees throughout their day, and yet, it can be a time-wasting inconvenience at best and a possible workman’s comp claim at worst. 

First off, why waste valuable office space with big water bottles? Instead of filling up your closet, or worse, wasting floor space on clunky water bottles, you can have compact bottleless water machine that barely takes up any space and never needs to be refilled?

On that note, why risk someone’s back (or your own) with lifting heavy water bottles when workman’s comp claims are on the rise? More so, can you really expect an employee to have to handle hefting a heavy water bottle when it (literally) falls on their shoulders, especially if they have a stressful workload already?

Speaking of saving time, with a bottleless cooler, you’ll never have to wait on a deliveryman ever again. Our bottleless water machines hook directly into your building’s own water supply. At the touch of a button, you can get the cleanest, purest, and most delicious water you (and your employees) ever tasted.

Save your employees’ time and backs by calling (713) 682-3000 and ordering a Mirex water purification system today.