Houston Water Machines: Stay Hydrated with Mirex AquaPure Solutions

mirex6Mirex AquaPure Solutions is your source for Houston water machines. As you are going through your day, it is important to remind yourself to continually stay hydrated. At times, it may be hard to remind yourself to drink enough water. At Mirex, our water machines aim to not only keep you hydrated, but also provide pure water that is safe and enjoyable to consume.

Statistics show that Americans are not drinking enough water

An article for ABC News points to a study which evaluated the water consumption of 15,000 Americans, and the results showed that for adults between the ages of 20-50, 41% of women and 43% of men did not meet the recommended water intake. The results also showed alarming statistics for the older age group, with 95% of men and 83% of women aged 71 and older not drinking enough water.

The need to stay hydrated

By failing to drink the proper amount of water, you put your health at risk. Mayo Clinic points out that 60% of our body weight is water, and, although you may get water from other foods and drinks, water is the best source of hydration because it is calorie free. An article for WebMd states that not drinking enough water is the main culprit behind developing kidney stones, which is the buildup of minerals that fail to get filtered out by a lack of proper water consumption.

Mirex provides the solution to keep your company hydrated

If you are a bmirex7usiness owner, providing a pure water source is necessary for the wellbeing of your employees. Our machines are both easy to use and provide great tasting water your employees will enjoy.

Our water machines, such as the Hydraquest UV Magic and the HydraQuest HRO250, provide a 5 stage purification process that removes heavy chlorine, radium, and lead.

Additionally, we provide ice and water machines such as the Follet 15 series, which provides sonic cubed ice that is easy to chew.



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