Houston Purified Water

Houstonmirex purified water is provided through Mirex AquaPure Solutions. If you want drinking water that is safe to consume that provides a clean, fresh taste, our water and ice machines are ideal for both office and commercial applications.



A history of excellence

Mirex has a longstanding history of excellence reinforced through our attentive customer service and mirex2high performing machines. Since 2005, we have consecutively won the Better Business Bureau’s Award for Excellence. Additionally, our 16-year membership with the Water Quality Association marks our agreement to uphold an industry Code of Ethics.

A variety of ice machines to meet your office and commercial needs

We provide a variety of ice machines that are sure to meet your production demands. In an office setting, our machines provide an instant breakroom refreshment. Machines such as the Hydraquest HRO 250 or the Hydraquest HUF 100 provide a 5-stage purification process in addition to  providing both hot and cold water.


If you are searching for an ice and water machine, machines such as the Follett 15 series and the Mirex 9000 are excellent choices. We also offer countertop models, such as the Hydraquest UV Magic, as well as the Follett 7 series under-counter model, to accommodate your available workspace area.


For commercial applications, our Mirex Custom Pure Water Tanks can hold large volumes of water and provide ultra-violet light, reverse osmosis, and multi-stage filtration.

A high level of service for your ice and water machines

mirex4When you choose to rent from Mirex, you will receive a high level of service that begins the moment you choose to rent your machine from us. Before your machine gets sent to your location, we will run it in our lab for 24 hours to ensure proper performance. For the continuing maintenance of your machine, we will schedule routine visits every 6 to 9 months, depending on your machine.

Call us to learn more about our ice and water machines!

To learn more about our range of ice and water machines, call us at (713) 682-3000. We look forward to providing you with our Houston purified water. You can also fill out a contact form on our website to request more information and like our Facebook page for more on the latest updates.