Houston Purified Water Cooler and Dispenser, the HydraQuest HRO250

When your office, facility or warehouse needs delicious pure water, the answer in Houston is a purified water cooler and dispenser, the high volume HydraQuest HRO250 from an A+ BBB Rated, Mirex AquaPure Solutions.

This outstanding hot or cold water dispenser delivers an industry leading 5-stage purification process which which includes:
Stage 1: Sediment filtration to remove heavy particulates.
Stage 2: Pre-Carbon filtration eliminates chloramines and chlorine for improved taste and smell.
Stage 3: Reverse Osmosis to remove inorganic and organic compounds such as radiation, arsenic, fluoride, lead, parasitic cysts and copper.
Stage 4: Post-Carbon filtration
Stage 5: UV (Ultra Violet) Light purification to destroy and remove even the smallest viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms and parasites.

The HydraQuest HRO250 will give you pure water on-site, that is simply better than bottled water and far more economical! You’ll have:

• No bottles to deal with or store!
• No back strains or injuries from lifting the bottles!
• No Slime or nasty film in the cooler!
• No risk of running out or having to wait for water to be delivered!
• No confusing billing or bottle deposits!

The HydraQuest HRO250 gives you improved reliability:

• Simple reliable spigot dispensing with no confusing spigots or buttons.
• Easily accessible spigots that provide one hand push in dispensing.
• Sports bottles can be easily filled because of unique Spigots design.

The Houston purified water cooler and dispenser, the HydraQuest HRO250, can produce 75 gallons of purified water daily. This system has a 8.7 gallon storage reservoir capacity.

Get pure water where you need it, without worrying about running out of drinking water. Call Mirex AquaPure Solutions (713) 682-3000 to learn more!