Houston Ice Machines for Holiday Office Parties

The Holiday season is upon us and with that comes office parties! Getting your coworkers together is easy, but converting your office space into an area that facilitates social interaction can be a little more difficult if you do not have the right supplies. One extremely versatile piece of equipment to have in the office is a Houston ice machine. These machines are not only perfect for your office watering hole, but their large capacity makes them perfect for meeting high demands. Whether you are hosting a large meeting or an office party, our Houston ice machines have got you covered!

Ice on the Spot

Some offices are equipped with refrigerators with built in ice makers, while others prefer the bottled water dispenser approach. Both of these options have their drawbacks: refrigerators cannot produce enough ice for an office and they are expensive to run, while bottled water dispensers do not produce ice and are also a hassle to change out. Luckily, Mirex AquaPure Solutions offers ice and water dispensers that cater specifically to your facility’s demands. Ice machines vary in capacity and can be selected to accommodate even the heaviest of demands.

Ice in Any Room

Traditional ideas of ice machines are that they are bulky and noisy. Fortunately, modern ice machines are much more compact, meaning that even the smallest break rooms can comfortably fit ice machines.

Mirex carries a selection of under-the-counter and countertop water and ice machines. These compact systems purify water from your existing water source and make fresh ice on the spot, allowing you to have a convenient, constant source of water and ice at the touch of your fingers.

Houston ice machines can be installed in any room with plumbing, so that possibilities are endless.  Ice and water units are fantastic additions to break rooms, cafeterias, hallways, and reception areas.

Clean Ice & Water Improves Productivity

Water and ice systems can be hooked up directly to the facility’s water source, allowing for our extensive purification system to filter out contaminants and neutralize any remaining bacteria. Our ice is also made with this purified water, guaranteeing clean, fresh ice for all drinkers.

This improves productivity in two ways: first, clean water and ice keep your mind sharp and second, it minimizes water breaks and ice refills. Water does more than keep you hydrated – it also keeps you full, awake, and flushes toxins from your body. Moreover, by replacing water fountains with ice and water machines, you can reduce the amount of times you get up to get a drink of water.

Installing an ice machine has never been so easy and affordable as it is now. Call Mirex Aquapure Solutions at (713) 682-3000 to learn about Houston ice machines  for your office.