Go Bottleless with Houston Purified Ice and Water Machines

Used water bottles are responsible for 1.5 million tons of polycarbonate plastic being added to the environment every year. For many homes and offices, buying a supply of bottled water is second nature. Most do not realize that there is a greener, simpler solution – adding a Houston purified water and ice machine from Mirex AquaPure Solutions to your office break room. Eliminating bottled water from your office routine helps your business in several ways.

Increase Productivity

Whether your company utilizes a giant water bottle jug or many small disposable water bottles, switching to a purified water machine from Mirex will save you time and money. Refills for large water bottles often require the use of several employees, propping doors open, escorting the bottled water driver, etc. This is not to mention the risk of worker’s comp. claims when an employee tries to lift one of the heavy bottles on their own. Mirex offers a wide variety of different purified water and ice machines, and can work with you to find the right style and size for your business. In addition, Mirex offers the best customer care in the industry, backed by a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee and simplified monthly billing options.

Purified Water in Houston

Houston tap water, and even bottled water in Houston, is noted for its unhealthy levels of dirt and microorganisms. The self-sanitizing machines from Mirex protect against these potentially dangerous bacteria with an exclusive combination of distillation, ozonation, and UV lighting. Water from a Mirex machine is fresh and pure tasting, a difference that is evident in the increased productivity and good health of employees. Maintenance is never an issue either, as Mirex has regularly scheduled monthly PM’s for your purified water machine. If there is ever an error or other concern with the machine, Mirex offers a three to five hour response time on any service call.

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