Health and Weight Loss Benefits of Filtered Water

Reduces caloric intake

The first way filtered water aids in weight loss is by reducing thirst. Many times thirst is mistaken for hunger, drinking a glass of filtered water before every meal is a quick and easy way to reduce caloric intake, which leads to weight loss. Filtered water also relieves bloating by speeding up digestion and eliminating dehydration.

Endless health benefits

The health benefits of filtered water are manifold, however, lack of water can lead to fatigue, high blood pressure, premature aging, bladder and/or kidney problems and weight gain. In  addition to reducing caloric intake and relieving bloating, filtered water also speeds up your metabolism and makes you less hungry.

Plastic bottles are wasteful and harbor bacteria

While plastic bottles may be cheap and convenient, they are also the source of a majority of plastic waste found in our oceans, landfills and even our bodies. Americans throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles each day, sadly only 5% of this plastic is ever recovered. Even if you try to reduce your impact on the environment by reusing plastic bottles, you put your health at risk because they harbor bacteria and can also leak chemicals, such as BPA (found in 93% of Americans), into your water. Adding a Houston purified water and ice machine from Mirex AquaPure Solutions to your home or office is an easy, cost effective and eco-friendly way to stay hydrated, while also protecting you from dangerous bacteria that can be found in tap water.