Excessive Rainfall in Houston Might Impact Your Drinking Water

houston-rainThe excessive rainfall in Houston might be impacting your drinking water. The Bayous are overflowing; streets and sometimes homes are flooded; the ground everywhere is oozing and soggy. So far this year in Houston, we’ve received 50 plus inches of rainfall which is about 40% above normal according to the National Weather Service.

The real story is not the amount of rainfall we’ve received. It is the impact these rain amounts are having on the municipal water systems and groundwater in general – the sources of most Houstonians’ drinking water.

The runoff caused by these rains stirs-up and carries pollutants and contaminants that can pose a real health risk, especially for the young and elderly but even your customers and employees. Oil, gasoline and other petroleum products along with fertilizers, industrial chemicals, herbicides and pesticides can often be found in the water after a normal rain. The amounts being experienced only heighten the potential for increased levels of contaminants as normally dry areas are suddenly being flooded or producing runoff because the holding tanks and ground are simply saturated or overflowing.

It is simply too much to expect the municipal treatment facilities to operate at peak efficiency. As an example, the Houston Chronicle reported on April 25th that is one single day enough rain fell to fill the Astrodome 750 times! That’s 240 billion gallons of water falling over a city with municipal treatment capabilities of only 392 million gallons!

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